3rd Central European Forum on Law & Administration

CEENELS is delighted to assume patronage over the the 3rd Central European Forum on Law and Administration on ‘Public Law in Central and Eastern Europe: Traditions, Legacies and Perspectives’. The Forum will be held on 18-19 October 2018 at the University of Wrocław, Poland, and is co-oranized by the Jan Długosz University in Czestochowa and the University of Opole.

Having considered the wide range of issues raised during the Conference, the Organizing Committee have divided into its main panels: constitutional law, administrative law and financial law, European law, comparative public law and the history of law. The Organizing Committee is convinced that the Conference will contribute to the exchange of views and reflections on the particularly important, current problems of public law in Central and Eastern European countries, inter alia:

  • historical and legal heritage and the current legal order
  • political and legal traditions and cultural heritage
  • legislative activity for promoting of culture and art, protection of cultural goods and traditions
  • public law and the past – the significance of politics and history
  • directions and tendencies in public law
  • public law and the citizen
  • civic activity undertaken for the common good and supporting sense of responsibility for public affairs
  • development and promotion of active cooperation within local communities, entrepreneurship and civil society
  • legal comparative studies on public law
  • legal transplants in public law
  • mutual interaction between branches of public law
  • transfers of working methods / legal tools / institutions between different branches of public law
  • problems of privatization of public law and publicizing private law

Deadline for submitting abstracts: 25 September 2018. Please use the online form that is available on the Conference website: http://www.sefpa.ajd.czest.pl/en/welcome/