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1st Critico-Juridical Symposium (13-14 April 2018)

On 13-14 April 2018 CEENELS organised, in collaboration with the University of Opole, the 1st Critico-Juridical Symposium devoted to the topic What kind of critique of law in Central and Eastern Europe? The Symposium was attended by 23 invited scholars from 6 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia and the United Kingdom), representing inter alia the following universities: Jagiellonian University (Kraków), University of Warsaw, University of Wrocław, University of Amsterdam, University of Nottingham, University of Middlesex (London), University of Kent (Canterbury), National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Moscow),  West University (Timișoara), University of Iași, University of Târgu Mureș, Masaryk University (Brno) and University of Sarajevo. 

The symposium was kindly supported by Professor Piotr Stec, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Opole. 

Click here for the final programme. 


Call for papers: Theory, organisation and practice of the law-making process


7th Congress of the “Fontes” Association for Research on Sources and Functions of the Law

Theory, organisation and practice of the law-making process

22-23 September 2018

hosted by
Łazarski University in Warsaw

under the patronage of the
Central and Eastern European Network of European Scholars (CEENELS)


The principle of the rule of law requires the setting of impeccable standards from the perspective of the objectives of legislation. The first level of law creation is the formal conditions for the creation of a law-making act (legislative procedure, conditions for the legality of normative acts, promulgation). The second one is expressed in the selection of measures of legal impact from the perspective of the assumed objectives of the legislati

Palace of Culture in Warsaw. Photo by: Dena Flows (Creative Commons)

ve initiative. In turn, the last level consists of the rules determining the effectiveness of including the legal act in the institutional order accepted in a given society. On the other hand, the analysis of the law-making process concerns three aspects, i.e. theoretical, organisational and practical. In particular, the aim of the conference will be to try to identify the relations between the concepts presenting the theoretical model of law creation and the organisation of the law-making process functioning in real socio-economic conditions, surrounded by formal and informal institutional solutions that enable the realisation of the objectives and functions of law.

Click here for the PDF version of the call for papers.

Please submit your abstract (500-1000 characters with spaces) accompanied by information about your affiliation, to the official email address of the Fontes Association:

Deadline for submitting abstracts: 1 May 2018

Convenor: Professor Adam Sulikowski, President of the Fontes Association, professor of legal theory at the University of Wrocław, head of Department of Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law, University of Opole

Secretary of the conference: Dr. Dobrochna Minich

Scientific board: Professor Leszek Bielecki, Professor. Tadeusz Biernat, Professor Andrzej Bisztyga, Dr. Mieczysław Błoński, Professor Paweł Chmielnicki, Professor Bolesław M. Ćwiertniak, Professor Wojciech Dadak, Professor Dorota Dąbek, Professor Piotr Dobosz, Professor Agata Jurkowska–Gomułka, Professor Andrzej Korybski, Professor Adam Lityński, Professor Marian Liwo, Professor Marek Mączyński, Professor Sławomir Patyra, Professor Piotr Ruczkowski, Professor Adam Sulikowski, Professor Andrzej Szplit, Professor Mariusz Załucki, Professor Halina Zięba–Załucka, Professor Maria Zrałek.


Call for papers: 1st Critico-Juridical Symposium (13-14 April 2018, Opole)

City of Opole. Photo: Karolina Lubryczyńska – under Creative Commons (Flickr)

The Central and Eastern European Netework of Legal Scholars is organizing, in collaboration with the University of Opole, the 1st Critico-Juridical Symposium on the topic “What kind of legal critique for Central and Eastern Europe?”


The call for papers is now closed.

The symposium will be a small event  intended for scholars working in critical theory (especially critical legal studies, critical political theory, critical sociology) and wishing to present a methodological paper on legal critique in Central and Eastern Europe.

The formula is of an intensive methodological seminar and is open, in principle, to  

Opole City Hall. Photo: Cameron Lucida – under Creative Commons license (Flickr)

Organizing committee: Prof. Adam Sulikowski (University of Wrocław); Dr. Cosmin Sebastian Cercel (University of Nottingham); Dr. Rafał Mańko (University of Amsterdam); Dr. Jacek Srokosz (University of Opole); Dr. Paulina Bieś-Srokosz (Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa), Mgr. Piotr Eckhardt (Jagiellonian University)


Call for papers: “Language. Law. Society” (22-26 May 2018, Penza)

Penza State University jointly with the University of National and World Economy (Sofia, Bulgaria) and the Ural State Pedagogical University (Yekaterinburg, Russia) are organizing an international conference on “Language, Law, Society” on 22-26 May 2018 in Penza.

The call for papers is open until 1 March 2018.

To download the call for papers click here.

Topics of the conference include inter alia  the following:

  • The language of law as a language for specific purposes.
  • Linguistic aspects of legal techniques and interpretation of legal acts.
  • Legal terminology
  • Linguistic expertise of texts of various functional types
  • Advertising text as an object of linguistic research and legal regulation, Problems of state control in advertising
  • Language and law in the context of language policy. Official language and its legal and linguistic aspects.
  • Speech manipulation in the media: linguistic and legal aspects.
  • Problems of intercultural communication and translation of legal texts.
  • Language and legal communication. Legal discourse as a cultural phenomenon.
  • The role of literature in the formation of the legal culture of society.
  • Formation of linguistic competence of future legal experts.

There will also be a roundtable on “Legal term outside legal discourse: status, problems of functioning” 

  • Conference languages: Russian, English.
  • There is no participation fee.
  • The conference organizers can provide a scheduled videoconferencing function for the participants who are miles away from the venue.



Call for papers: 13th annual conference of the Central and Eastern European Network of Jurisprudence (CEENJ) in Zagreb (13-14 Sep. 2018)

The University of Zagreb will host the 13th annual conference of CEENJ – the Central and Eastern European Network of Jurisprudence. CEENJ was founded in 2005. Previous conferences of CEENJ were held in Pécs (Hungary), Osijek (Croatia), Graz (Austria), Rijeka (Croatia), Maribor (Slovenia), Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Skopje and Ohrid (Macedonia), Łódź(Poland), Brno (Czech Republic), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia). The last one was organized by Doc. Janis Pleps with the official support of CEENELS.

The topic of the the 13th CEENJ conference – as in previous editions – is very broad:  “Jurisprudence in Central and Eastern Europe: Work in Progress 2018”. 

The deadline for submitting papers is 1 June 2018.

See the conference website:

Conference applications should submitted by e-mail to both convenors, i.e., Luka Burazin, ( and Mario Krešić (

The abstract, containing not only the title of the proposed paper, but also the applicant’s name, affiliation and email address, must not exceed 3,600 characters. 

The convenors have officially indicated that only 32 papers can be accepted due to organizational reasons. There is no conference fee. 

View of Zagreb city. Photo by Mario Fajt (under Creative Commons). Source: See also Mario’s website:



Prof. Jiří Přibáň will be keynote speaker in Timișoara (3-4 May 2018)

The most famous Czech legal theorist – Professor Jiří Přibáň (based in Cardiff) – has kindly agreed to deliver a keynote lecture at the international conference on “Constitutional Identity and Collective Memories in Central and Eastern Europe”, held under the patronage of CEENELS at the Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara (convenors: Dr. Alexandra Mercescu and Dr. Lucian Bojin) on 3-4 May 2018. The conference takes place as the 10th Central and Eastern European Forum for Young Legal, Social and Political Theorists – a series of conferences addressed to junior scholars. 

CEENELS is proud to support this event and we cordially invite you to submit your abstracts to join Professor Jiří Přibáň  at this conference in Timișoara. The official call for papers is available here



Call for papers: Constitutional Identity and Social Memories in Central and Eastern Europe (10th CEE Forum, Timișoara, 3-4 May 2018)

Dr. Alexandra Mercescu and Dr. Lucian Bojin from the Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara – well known to the participants of CEENELS Annual Conferences – are organizing a conference at their university on Constitutional Identity and Social Memories in Central and Eastern Europe on 3-4 May 2018. The conference is organized as the 10th Central and Eastern European Forum of Young Social, Legal and Political Scientists (CEE Forum).  

The call for papers runs until 31 January 2018.

Click here for the Call for Papers and here for the registration module.

If you are experiencing trouble using the registration module, please submit your abstract directly to Dr Alexandra Mercescu:

Photo by: Piotr Krawiec (Creative Commons License). See his fantastic pictures at:


3rd Annual CEENELS Conference – University of Latvia, Riga

The 3rd Annual CEENELS conference took place in Riga, Latvia on 11-13 January 2018. The topic was “Legal Traditions and Legal Identities in Central and Eastern Europe”. 

The conference was attended by almost 70 scholars from 12 countries: Belarus, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia,  Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The final programme can be found here: 

Official opening of the conference

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

1st Plenary Session (11 January 2018)

Plenary lecture by Prof.  Adam Sulikowski (University of Wrocław)

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

Plenary lecture by Doc. Martin Škop (Masaryk University at Brno)

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

Plenary lecture by Doc. Tomas Berkmanas (Vytautas Magnas University at Kaunas)

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

Plenary lecture by Dr. Cosmin Sebastian Cercel (University of Nottingham)

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

2nd Plenary Session

Official address by the Dean of the Law Faculty of University of Latvia, Prof.  Anita Rodiņa

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

Plenary lecture by Prof. Sanita Osipova

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

Plenary lecture by Prof. Manuel Guţan

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

Plenary lecture by Dr. habil. Piotr Fiedorczyk (University of Białystok)

Photo by R. Mańko

Plenary lecture by Doc. Zdenek Kuhn

Photo by Alex Kravchuk

3rd Plenary session

Plenary lecture by Doc. Vladislav Starzhenetskiy (Владислав Старженецкий) (Higher School of Economics at Moscow)

Photo by R. Mańko

Plenary lecture by Dr. habil. Tomasz Bekrycht (University of Łódź)

4th Plenary Session

Plenary lecture by Prof. Piotr Niczyporuk (University of Białystok)

Photo R. Mańko

Plenary lecture by Doc. Marko Novak

Photo R. Mańko

Parallel sessions 


Social events

Pre-conference drinks. (Photo R. Mańko)

Photo A. Kravchuk

Photo A. Kravchuk

Photo A. Kravchuk

Photo J. Pleps

Photo A. Kravchuk

Photo A. Kravchuk

Photo A. Kravchuk

Prof. Adam Sulikowski and Mgr. Dominik Góra (photo R. Mańko)

Dr. Lucian Bojin (photo R. Mańko)